World-Famous Graphic Designers

Graphic design tends to be among the more underappreciated types of design, but there’s no denying the powerful effect that it has had on modern society. Professional graphic designers are responsible for many of the more common designers, logos, art styles, and other forms of design that we see on a daily basis, and their talent has shaped the way that many people perceive the world around them.

Due it the fact that graphic design has quickly become one of the world’s most popular professions, it can take a lot to stand out from the rest of the crowd. That is why the following group of people are that much more impressive, and have changed the nature of graphic design forever thanks to their skill, innovation, and creativity.

Saul Bass

When it comes to famous names in the graphic design industry, there are few that are quite as well known as Saul Bass. Bass has become a legend in his own right, and it’s likely that most people have come across his work at one point or another. In fact, he was the lead designer behind some of the most famous movie posters and movie title sequences of all time, with such films including The Man With The Golden arm as well as Psycho.

Along with this, Bass was also a brilliant logo designer, and over the course of his 35 year career, he created a range of logos that have been used for some of the biggest brands and companies on the planet. Bass’ influence on the world of graphic design is palpable, and many still draw inspiration from his work.

Paula Scher

Scher stands out as being the first woman of all time to hold an important position at Pentagram, a renown graphic design firm that has been responsible for some of the most instantly recognisable designs of all time.

Her portfolio is one that would leave most designers in awe, and Scher has spent much of her career creating memorable pieces of art that continue to have a powerful impact in the world of design. She has done a lot of work for New York City’s Public Theatre, as well as many other establishments, venues, individuals, and organisations over the years.

David Carson

Perhaps the world’s most famous graphic designer and known widely as the “godfather of grunge”, Carson is a true artist and single-handedly changed the industry thanks to his pioneering methodologies and works, and his overall approach to modern design. His work is notable due to the fact that it’s often warped and even sometimes impossible to read, but there’s no denying just how influential this kind of art style has become.

From post-apocalyptic movies to street art to real money slots to music, Carson’s bold take on how design is meant to work has had an enormous impact on modern popular culture and other facets of western society, and many regard him as the best designer of all time.