Five Unusual Buildings You Won’t Believe Exist

When it comes to architecture, there are very distinct styles that come into play. Whether the architect in question draws on inspiration found in the past, the present, or even the future. However, there are some structures which boggle the mind and make passers-by do a double take, due to their sheer uniqueness. Here are five you won’t want to miss out on seeing.


The entertainment centre of Wonderworks offers hands-on science experiments and over 100 exhibits catering to curious minds, though you’d be absolutely right to gawk a little at the seemingly upside down house that comes complete with ‘wonky’ pillars. The mind-bending marvel seems entirely unbelievable, until you realise the ground and palm trees facing up are actually the roof, while the roof-like dome below is actually touching the floor on more points than the ones passers-by originally see.

The Bubble Palace

Set within the Théoule-sur-Mer of France, the Palais Bulles was designed and created by Antti Lovag and finished in 1989. The palace is a huge soft pink marvel of dips and spheres, with ten bedrooms, several outdoor pools, and a 500-seater amphitheatre. It was built for Pierre Bernard but ultimately was bought by fashion designer Pierre Cardin in 1992 as his holiday home.

National Theatre, Beijing

Known to be the largest theatre complex in Asia, the National Theatre is endearingly and colloquially also known as the Giant Egg. Its uniquely ellipsoid shape was created by the French architect, Paul Andreu, and it was built with a surface area of 149,500 square metres and is created out of titanium and glass.

It is surrounded by a man-made lake, and at night is lit-up as brightly as the games at a Philippines real money mobile casino, which gives it an otherworldly appearance as it twinkles and shines from the numerous lights.

Habitat 67

This collection of oddly angled concrete structures look akin to something that a child may have put together with Lego blocks, in an effort to build a community, and that’s precisely what architect Moshe Safdie did.

The concrete-cast forms of Habitat 67 were assembled asymmetrically to provide a different approach to traditional block housing. There are 354 buildings, which form the 146 residences in Cité du Havre in Canada, which are interlinked by numerous walkways. Apart from its unique exterior, the interior is entirely normal, and the complex is a serene place, which overlooks the waterways.

Upside Down House, Poland

The Upside Down House in Zakopane, Poland (known as the Dom Do Gory Nogami in Polish), is a design marvel created by architect Daniel Czapiewski. Not only is its entire exterior upside down, but the entire interior of the house is upside down too.

From the toilet to the tables, chairs and beds, walking through the interior is said to be very surreal. Visitors often return whenever they’re in the area, and bring friends, since it’s far better to share such an incredible experience, and it’s only €2 to enter.

While these architects and designers have pushed things to the limit above, there are plenty of other unique and wonderful buildings to explore around the world.