Top 3 Countries In The World For Interesting Architecture

Anyone and everyone who has ever travelled around the world, to different locations and countries, will always go on about how important and transformative it can be to immerse yourself in a new culture.

Whether it’s different styles of making food or whether it’s learning a different language, living amongst people who have very different ways of life can indeed be life-changing. But that’s not all.

One of the things that many travellers fail to acknowledge when they return from a different country is just how varied architectural styles and building designs are throughout the world. It is almost certain that if you do go travelling that you’ll come across many different styles of building design in terms of housing and even commercial, city buildings.

If you’re a lover of different types of architecture then the following countries are simply a must-visit.


Greece seems to be the home of many different things from mathematics to medicine, and even just the organisation of modern society where we can easily find ICC World Cup betting. Along with all of these things, ancient Greece also had one of the most transformative and interesting architectural styles known to man, with many people dubbing the style of building as pure classical.

So, Greece is a must-visit if you want to understand the roots of modern building styles, as many of the landmarks and monuments are built stone by stone. Of course, today we have many different machines and techniques to make building much easier, but seeing these ancient buildings really gives you a perspective on how architecture was done by the Ancient Greeks.


Now, Vietnam is certainly not a country that many people think of when they think of brilliant architecture, but indeed the buildings around the different regions of the country can tell us a lot about the history of the country.

Firstly, in the more rural farmlands of Vietnam, you are more likely to come across farm and fishing villages that make use of older styles of hut-type buildings, which include straw roofs and clay walls. These buildings, despite there outward appearance, are extremely hardy, and use much fewer resources and time to build than many of the buildings in the Western World.

Secondly, if you travel more inwards, to the urban cities, you are likely to come across a French colonial style of architecture, which displays a history of French occupation in the Asian region.


When people talk about the architecture in Spain, it is almost certain that they are talking about the Catalan modernist style that is on display in the great city of Barcelona. Barcelona is one of the most architecturally independent cities on the planet, as back in the 18 – 19th century the city gave artists free reign on many of the buildings that still stand today. The most prominent of these art architects was Antoni Gaudi, whose style is clear to see when just strolling around the city.