The Whackiest Buildings in the World

Architecture has come along way in recent years, but building large and unusual structures is nothing new for humans. In fact, some of the earliest buildings known to man date back to pyramids and other ancient temples that were constructed as far back as 3500 BC – astounding!

However, with advancements in technology and the world going through inevitable changes, modern architecture has developed an interesting side. Not only is construction about building functional or religiously significant buildings – it’s also about challenging experts’ skills and coming up with the most creative designs.

Here are some of the weirdest and whackiest buildings around the world.

Bubble Palace, France

The name is fairly self-explanatory, but this building that looks like a whole lot of little bubbles was initially designed by a Hungarian architect – a true industrialist at heart. Its unique design caught the eye of a French fashion designer, Pierre Cardin – he ended up buying it in the early ‘90s to be used as a holiday house.

The house is absolutely massive – 1200 square metres – and is made up of several interesting and unique features. It has ten bedrooms, a large front area, a 500-seater open-air amphitheatre and several pools and little water fountains.

Originally known as the Palais Bulles, the building certainly is weird, but its equally as wonderful.

Casa Terracotta, Columbia

Nicknamed the “Flintstone House” by locals, Casa Terracotta is an extraordinary structure made entirely by hand. It consists of nothing more than clay that was parched in the sun and moulded and shaped to look like a classic little cottage.

Found in the beautiful landscape of Colombia, the Ceramic House, as it’s also known, is surrounded by lush greenery and a beautiful backdrop of mountains.

Earth House, Switzerland

Closely resembling J.R.R. Tolkien’s “Shire” the was the home of the fantastical hobbits in “Lord of the Rings”, the Earth House is quite out of the ordinary. The idea is that the structures were built by using the natural terrain.

Many people actually lived in the Earth House, enjoying a peaceful life in the rolling hills of Switzerland.

Basket Building, USA

The Basket Building is the headquarters of an American company, Longaberger Basket Company situated in Ohio. For those who don’t know what it is, it may seem like a bit of a weird construction. However, in knowing that it’s the headquarters of a basket company, you have admit that it’s a pretty elaborate marketing technique.

The structure is designed to look exactly like the company’s classic, medium-sized basket – it’s just 160 times bigger. These days, the building is one of the most popular attractions in Ohio.

Cybertech Egg Office Building, India

Exhibiting world-class architecture, design and engineering that’s as cutting edge as the sites that feature NZ live betting markets, the Cybertech Egg Office Building truly is something to behold. Designed by a firm based in the city of Hong Kong, it’s a beautiful sight and absolutely is one of the most beautiful buildings in Mumbai – not a bad place to work, if you ask me.