Web Design with Squarespace

It has become essential for many kinds of businesses to digitise their brands to remain competitive and relevant within the modern consumer market. Google is most likely what people are going to turn to if they want to learn anything about a business before purchasing their goods or services. If you want any say in what people see when they type your company’s name into their search bars, you are going to need your own website domain.

On your website, you can perfectly curate the content that gets uploaded in order to maximise the likelihood of your business attracting new customers. You are completely in control of your brand’s narrative.

The only issue, however, is that starting and running a website is no small task. This is especially true for older businesses whose doors have been open since before the internet was a thing. Fortunately, enough, companies such as Squarespace exist to make this job so much easier. The company sells software that allows users to construct their own websites without the need for any background in coding.

Benefits of Squarespace

Squarespace is designed with simplicity in mind; users are provided with a myriad of design templates to choose from, making the process of creating the theme of your website that much easier. And before you even ask, yes, there are more than enough options for even the pickiest of tastes. Squarespace is also known for excellent customer service should you run into any issues.

Items, bodies of text, images, and so forth can be dragged, dropped, re-scaled, and cropped as easily as one would in a word document. Better yet, your website’s design is automatically optimised for smartphone, tablet, and desktop browsing.

For media-savvy businesses such as those that advertise the casino bonuses New Zealand has to offer, the marketing features offered by Squarespace allow users to add social media and email hyperlinks to their websites. If you are trying to grow as a business, this is a great tool through which you can increase your outreach.

Primary Drawbacks

The biggest issue with Squarespace is obviously the lack of design freedom since you are only able to choose from the predetermined array of templates provided to you. Beyond what is offered there, you have no option to design your own personalised template.

Squarespace is also more costly than other web design services and offers only two packages. This could very well be a swaying factor to consider when you compare Squarespace to a company like Wix that offers 3 packages.

Although not so much of a peeve, it is also worth mentioning that Squarespace does not automatically save your work as you go. Instead, you will receive a save prompt every single time you make any changes to your website. Although not a deal-breaker, this can get annoying.

Need a Website? Squarespace Is Worth Considering

Squarespace might be on the pricier side despite offering limited creative freedom, but it is still one of the very best options to choose from when considering web developers.