The Wacom Intuos Is the Perfect Drawing Tablet for Beginners

Many graphic design experts would agree that Wacom tablets represent the industry standard in terms of the quality and effectiveness of drawing tablets. If you are just getting into digital design or are interested in getting into digital art, Wacom’s Intuos is among the bests entry-level tablets you could get for yourself at an affordable price.

The Tablet

The Wacom Intuos is relatively cheap when you consider just how much can be achieved once you have mastered it. Costing roughly $80 – $200 first-hand, the Intuos is a cost-effective choice for both industry professionals as well as beginners. The Intuos comes in a 7-inch and 10-inch model, with the former including a Bluetooth version and one that requires a cable connection. For the 10-inch version, Bluetooth compatibility comes stock standard

The Pen

The pen that comes with your purchase of the Intuos features Electro-Magnetic Resonance technology which goes a long way in making using the tablet feel natural and fluid. Thanks to Wacom’s ingenious engineering, the Intuos’s pen boasts more than 4 000 levels of pressure sensitivity that operate with flawless precision with every stroke even during extended periods of use. The pen’s buttons are also customisable in terms of the functions they perform. This comfortable and lightweight pen is also designed to be battery-free which makes it an un-meddlesome tool that is easy to travel with.

System Requirements

The Intuos is very generously designed to be compatible with a wide variety of operating systems. Microsoft users are even able to use the Intuos on a device that still runs on Windows 7. The tablet is also compatible with Windows 8 and 10 (with the exclusion of Windows 10 S). If you are an Apple user, you are going to need a Macintosh that runs macOS 10.12 or higher. The Intuos is even compatible with a great number of Android smartphones for those with limited digital resources.

If your device falls in line with the aforementioned specifications, you will also need a USB Type-A port and/or Bluetooth compatibility on your device in order to use the tablet. Other than that, you will also need stable internet access to download the necessary Intuos software that allows your device to run the tablet.

Free Software

As part of the Intuos’s promotional campaign, Wacom offers users who buy this device selection of three different creative softwares. Of these softwares, users are able to choose two which they may then download for free, much like the free software at online gambling casinos. This is a great value-added service for Wacom to throw into the deal since it greatly increases the worth of the product. Users will be able to make use of their Intuos in sophisticated design programs without having to fork over any more money.

The Intuos Is All a Beginner Needs

The Intuos is among the most popularly bought drawing tablets around the world for good reason. When it comes to the question of what tablet is best to start with, not much else can compare to the allure of the Intuos.