The Greatest Architects Of All Time

The world as we know it would not exist if it wasn’t for architects. It’s a profession that has technically been around for thousands of years, right back to when human beings first started to give unique aspects to the structures they built.

Design and functionality have always gone hand-in-hand, and it’s thanks to history’s architects that we were able to build the settlements, towns, and cities that most people live in today.

Frank Lloyd Wright

Most well-known for creating the Prairie House style that has become popular around the world, it didn’t take Wright to earn a name for himself, and his work has been emulated in countries throughout the globe.

His most notable piece of works include the Robbie House, the Falling Water House, and he was even the architect for the Imperial Hotel, which can be found in the city Japanese city of Tokyo.

Le Corbusier

Not only is Corbusier one of the most talented architects in history, but many of his works essentially created an entirely new type of architecture that many still inspiration from to this day. His modern designs brought in an entirely new era of design.

Some of his most famous works include the Notre Dame Du Haut, the Villa Savoye, as well as the headquarters of the United Nations, which is set in New York City.

Zaha Hadid

While the world of architecture for the most part is dominated primarily by men, there are some truly remarkable women that have proven that they are more than capable to trade blows with their male counterparts in terms of sheer skill. Zaha Hadid is one such women, and has become famous as a pioneer of modern architecture, almost single-handedly changing the nature of the scene forever.

The Serpentine Galleries, the Bridge Pavilion, the Guangzhou Opera House, and the London Aquatics Centre are all buildings designed by Hadid, and make for great viewing when not distracted by the latest and greatest online roulette action.

Walter Gropius

Often considered as one of the founders of the style of modernism, Gropius is etched in architectural history for his truly unique designs, many of which changed how architectures designed buildings forever.

The MetLife Building, the Gropius House, the Fagus Factory, as well as the US Embassy that’s based in Athens all owe their design and existence to Gropius. He went to great lengths to ensure that everything he designed was truly authentic, and that there was never anything quite like it.

Antoni Gaudi

Due to his one-of-a-kind style and unique approach to building design, Gaudi often stands out among his peers for moving against the grain. He was one of the first mainstream architects to use 3D models to create many of his designs, much different to the normal method of drawing everything out on paper.

Casa Mila, Segrada Familia, Casa Battlo, and Park Guell are some of the more well-known works of Gaudi that have gained fame around the world for being different from most other kinds of buildings.