The Future Trends Of Architecture

Just like any profession, architecture is constantly changing and evolving. Some designs are no longer feasible in our modern world, some materials might become too expensive to use commonly, and there are new ways of building structures that change the way architects can approach their own designs.

It’s important that an architect always stay up to date on the trends and changes that are occurring in their profession. Not only does it give them the edge that they need to stay ahead of their competition, but it also helps them move with the time, and to create buildings that work with the modern world rather than against it.

With that in mind, these are some of the biggest trends occurring right now in the world of professional architecture.

Environmental Conscious Design

The environment has become a key focus in recent years thanks to climate change, and scientists quickly showed us that many of the methods and materials that we used to make our buildings were simply not sustainable.

This has lead to something of a fresh wave of designs that are meant to be friendly to the environment as much as possible, and it’s something that an architect will want to keep in mind for future designs. Environmentally-friendly building materials, solar energy systems, and clever water catchment are all big in the design world right now, and should be kept in mind.

Smaller Housing

Another problem that people around the world are facing is the expense of purchasing real estate. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to be able to afford large homes, and millions of people are instead turning to tiny homes.

These are homes that are functionally everything that a person could need, but are designed to be as small as possible while still retaining much of their comfort. With a growing focus on using land as carefully as possible in the future, as well as the skyrocketing costs of real estate, many architects are finding that small home design is more in demand than ever before.


Another trend that has become popular in recent years is to take an old home or other materials and upcycle them. Perhaps the most well-known example of this is container homes. Old shipping containers are used to create homes for people, and it’s proven to be a seriously popular movement throughout the globe.

The containers can be repurposed into just about anything imaginable, from small storage sheds to full family homes with all of the luxuries a person could want, from full double beds to integrated touch screens for reading the news or Geelong Cup betting. There are other, similar upcycling movements that are gaining traction at the moment.

Inclusive Architecture

Most countries around the world have gone to great lengths to be more inclusive of those that suffer from disabilities, and it’s something that has caught on in the architectural world.

This means creating houses that are suited for those in wheelchairs, for example, where everything is as accessible as possible. This trend is likely to grow in popularity over the next few years.