The Top 5 Interior Design Trends

One thing about interior design trends is that there’s so much more than what is regarded as general interior styles, they’re more of a lifestyle choice. Throughout the years, the industry has seen an evolution in styles and design movements. Below are the most prominent interior design trends of the moment.

  1. Going Green

The incorporation of blending oversized plants and indoor gardens in all interior design setups from commercial, residential, hospitality and educational is becoming a critical theme. Biophilic style is a theme that integrates natural materials and elements into the build environment with the focus being on consumer’s health and wellbeing. At residential homes, cleaner homes mean less cluttered environments. The colour green has been selected by major paint companies as an official colour linked to wellness.

  1. The Curve Appeal

The curve trend is a design theme that’s a throwback to the 60s and 70s, emulating soft curves and circles. Currently, many furniture pieces are getting attention due to their eliminations of sharp corners and replacing them with rounded edges. Furniture pieces such as bubble light fixtures, rounded sofas, and benches are some of the most popular pieces of the curve appeal trend.

  1. Vibrant Colours

Colour is back, get rid of the dull greys and neutral colours and have fun with bright shades. The vibrant colour trend has become a key theme in ensuring that homes can be stylish yet comfortable at the same time. It highlights an eclectic mix of various styles reflecting and embracing the homeowner’s personality and interests.

A classic example that demonstrates this trend is mixing and matching classical furniture with modern accents and finishes. The result of this technique is something that’s personalized and unique, which could either be regarded as minimalistic or loud and bold with a pop of colour and other elements in the space.

  1. The Minimalist Look

The minimalist look theme plays with a mixture of minimalistic deign principles and brining out statement pieces that attract and bring style to spaces. These include nuanced and crisp aesthetics that never go out of style, encompassing concise colour palettes, clean lines, limited use of textures and furnishings that are inviting and create a feeling of warmth.

What ought to be remembered with the minimalist trend is that less is more. The style eliminates everything unnecessary and leaves just those furniture pieces with an essential purpose.

  1. Sustainable Style

One of the biggest interior design trends is sustainability, and this is because many designers and consumers alike are taking greater responsibility toward playing their part in making a difference for the environment. Everything from décor to Australian sports betting is focusing on how to reduce environmental impact and become more sustainable.

The main focus of sustainable style is to merge nature into the design of interiors and making it form a part of everyday life. This is done through various means such as eco-friendly furniture pieces, design for energy efficiency, design for waste reduction in the form of reducing, reusing, and recycling. Sustainable style appliances include upgrades like energy efficient windows, solar panels, sunrooms and increased smart home technology.